A situational composition with artist collective the 181

Opening Reception – Friday, May 29th, 2015, 7PM



For immediate release

As a collective the 181 is interested in creating visual and performance architectures out of the sample merging and strangely hybridized “what ifs” of information transmissions and material demonstrations. Artists, a physicist/electronic engineer/musician, a mushroom forager/rockhound, and a linotype operator—any attempts to formalize their practice they view with distress.

Or to put it another way:

Imperfect approximations of the universe as a whole. Repercussing perforations in this, the permeable present. In such situations you become very aware when something shifts or changes because there is an echo and a stutter. The existential architecture thus created seems a space dominated by moving mirrors of various sizes, shapes, and velocities—a circling cycling revisioning architecture.  It is well-known that symmetry on a plane suggests volume to the mind, but we are nevertheless surprised that even the oddest, unnatural, un-anticipatable symmetries communicate volume.  We postulate that an existential volume is equivalent to its echoes.

One time Tom was explaining to us the difference between general and special relativity, and we understood him to say that curvature can be described without extra dimensions, but you need a special language. The question becomes, does the possibility of higher dimensions translate into probability?

Brandon Boan, Abby Donovan, Tom Hughes, Jason Rhodes and special quests Aaron K Hoffer, Joe Netta, Mike Roche.


Formed in 2007 near a winter trash channel that is annually carved through the beach in order to carry debris from the streets of Venice Beach, California to the sea, the 181 has composed situations around the world. These include most recently: “Instruments of Observation” at the 2014 Slingshot Festival of Music, Art and Tech in Athens, Georgia; 2013 appearances at High Desert Test Sites, Joshua Tree, CA; Art&Science in New York City; and Live Performers Meeting XIII in Rome, Italy; and the 2012 creation of “Circles of Commotion and Moving Pauses” at the SPACE Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA and “Swing Song Centripetal” as part of Cose Cosmiche at Galleria Artra, Milan, Italy. Other projects have included: “The Like of This Bell” at the National Center for Contemporary Art, St. Petersburg, Russia; “Remembrances Awakened” at the Stockholm Fringe Festival, Stockholm, Sweden; “Oh I Think I Know Where the Green Ray Goes” at the Institute of Contemporary Art Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA; and “Sonorous Silence (Hi Ho Andrei Rublev)” as part of the Embassy Annuale, Edinburgh, Scotland.



The 181 will create Sing a Song the Sagaman at Unity Gallery, Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, Iowa in October 2015.



Some video documentation of previous compositions may be found here and here