Online bidding on Paddle8 continues through May 9th, 3PM!

Check out all the amazing work on our benefit pagehttp://paddle8.com/auctions/novella



NOVELLA GALLERY is thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Paddle8 for our Spring Benefit Auction! 70 artists have generously donated work in support of our unique LES space and artist-driven programming.  Works will be exhibited at NOVELLA, May 2-4th


Reception/Auction Viewing/Bidding Party at NOVELLA (2 Nights):

May 2 & 3rd, 6-10 PM


Online Bidding on Paddle8 begins April 28th and runs through May 9th!

Check out all the amazing work on our benefit pagehttp://paddle8.com/auctions/novella


Since opening in late 2012, NOVELLA has organized 15 memorable exhibitions in collaboration with emerging and established artists.  At NOVELLA, artists are at the forefront of our program: proposing and curating their own shows, writing their own press releases, and organizing their own events.  When artists are given this freedom, it is amazing what they can do.  This is why our artist-run space is such an important and unique venue in the Lower East Side.

NOVELLA is grateful for the extraordinary support we have received over the course of a year and a half.  A large community of practitioners has rallied around our program, transforming the way we think, talk, share and exhibit artwork.  As we prepare to enter another season of programming, we have partnered with Paddle8 to hold a fundraiser. Our mission is dedicated to organizing a program that not only takes risks but also talks back to the world.  Your donation means you value what we do and you want to see it grow!



Liv Aanrud

John Phillip Abbott

Beverly Acha

Peter Acheson

Yevgeniya Baras

Katherine Bernhardt

Michael Berube

Todd Bienvenu

Katherine Bradford

Farrell Brickhouse

Maria Calandra

Joel Carreiro

Caroline Wells Chandler

Jennifer Coates

John Cox

Alan Crockett

Clara Crockett

Andy Cross

Paul D’ Agostino

Britta Deardorff

Sean Downey

Stephen Eakin

Georgia Elrod

Matthew Fisher

Linda Francis

Paul Gagner

Heather Garland

Ashley Garrett

Alicia Gibson

Baris Gokturk

Pinkney Herbert

Kristen Jensen

Aaron Johnson

Alessandro Keegan

William Eckhardt Kohler

Paul Krause

Emily Noelle Lambert

Caroline Larsen

Gili Levy

Lauren Luloff

Timm Mettler

Irvin Morazan

Rebecca Morgan

Seth Mulvey

Danielle Mysliwiec

Robert Nava

Alexander Nolan

Alex Nunez

Danielle Orchard

Rachel Ostrow

Helena Parriott

Scott Penkava

Mandy Lyn Perez

Sarada Rauch

Kenny Rivero

Ben La Rocco

Carrie Rubinstein

Esther Ruiz

Wolfgang Ryan

Gretchen Scherer

Karen Schifano

Rachel Schmidhofer

Ryan Schneider

Mark Sengbusch

Andrew Smenos

Thomas Spoerndle

Kyle Staver

Criag Stockwell

Jason Stopa

Jess Willa Wheaton

Kristof Wickman

Ana Wieder-Blank

Peter Williams

Jeremy Willis

David Wilson


Brian Wood







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